Training Workshops

Imaging and training workshops aim to provide theoretical and hands-on training to the participants about application of advanced microscopy and application of protein sequence-related bioinformatics tools to the biological problems. Participants who are currently applying or planning to apply these tools to their projects are encouraged to apply and will be given priority.

Objectives for the ADVANCED IMAGING workshop: 

  • Understand basic methods for fluorescence, confocal and high resolution microscopy
  • Compare and contrast spindle and nuclear morphologies of healthy and cancer cells
  • Live-imaging of cell cycle progression
  • Image analysis tools for counting, co-localization and particle tracking

Microscopes you use: 

  • Leica THUNDER Imaging System
  • Leica SP8 Confocal microscope
  • Leica DMi8 Live Cell Platform

Objectives for the BIOINFORMATICS workshop: 


  • Understand basic methods for bioinformatics data searching
  • Find relevant database entries using sequence searching methods
  • Conduct alignments of multiple sequences via a variety of methods
  • Construct basic phylogenetic trees
  • Perform further analyses on sequences to help examine their possible functions

Syllabus, tools and resources you will learn about: 

  • EBI Search interface, ENA and UniProt databases
  • Sequence searching tools – FASTA, BLAST, PSI-SEARCH, HMMER
  • Multiple sequence alignment tools – Clustal Omega, MUSCLE
  • Phylogeny tools
  • InterPro, PDBe, EMBL-EBI web services