About The Conference


Thank you all for participating the Organalle Biogenesis and Function in Cell Physiology and in Disease Conference. You can find the photos of the conference at the link below:


Organelle Biogenesis and Function in Cell physiology and in Disease conference aims to inspire early career scientists through interactions with internationally recognized leaders in the field of cell biology and  give them the opportunity to present their work in poster and selected talk formats. Additionally, there will be  hands-on application sessions on advanced imaging and bioinformatics applications and discussion sessions on scientific communication. The first day of the program has a particular focus on microtubule-based structures centrosomes and cilia, which are key regulators of diverse cellular processes  ranging from division to signaling. The second day of the program cover a wide range of topics including aging, cancer metabolism, stem cells and immunology. The workshop is organized by recipients of Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellowship and EMBO Installation Grant.